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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. vick lee was in court today and joins us live with more. vick? >> the judge called the shooting deaths horrifying, cruel and, and he said as a 3-year-old he couldn't have been more defenseless or vulnerable. he said the two men plotted and planned, because they had a fix ace about killing rival gang members, and then handed down tough sentences. >> gang violence, especially of this nature simply won't be tolerated. >> that's the message that the prosecutor wanted to send in the immediate wake of the sentencing.
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lawrence denard was given 137 years to life. willie torrance will serve 121 years to life. their families and friends came to the hearing. carlos' mother and grandmother also attended. the 3-year-old was shot and killed in august 2011, as his mother pushed him in the red-and-blue scooter down international boulevard near 64th avenue. two others standing nearby were wounded. the intended targets were apparently rival gang members. the child was hit by a stray bullet fired by denard, who was in a car driven by torrance. a massive police hunt ensued with offices working overtime, all looking for the killers. before he passed sentence, the judge said at 3-year-old carlos had every reason to believe his world would be safe, filled with love, he would be protect to do dream and grow, all of that was ripped apart. all that was taken from him. denard's attorney says her client has always maintained his
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innocence. >> the witnesses came in, and didn't identify lawrence denard, because lawrence denard was not there. demonizing and dehumanizing people from our community does no justice to anyone. >> prosecutor belltrammo says carlos' family believes justice has been accomplished. >> they ask the court that the court impose the most maximum penalty allowable under the law. so that any other family -- no other family would phage this tragedy again at the hands of the defendants. >> reporter: the two must serve at least 100 years before they can be paroled. vic lee, abc 7 news. a lawsuit has been filed against the san jose police department on behalf of 23 years old nathaniel howard. there was a confrontation on may 24th caught on video, and it was graphic. according to the suit filed by the lawyers, howard was beaten and detained by officers after he got involved in the arrest of a friend. howard says he was slammed to the ground and officers pushed his face onto the sidewalk.
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the san jose police department tells us they need to review the lawsuit before they can comment. an xwloun aye at the alameda coroner's office was taken to the hospital after having a reaction to a decomposing body brought in. the employee and 14 others had a bad reaction when they opened the body bag just before lunchtime at the office on fourth street near jack london square. emergency crews evacuated the building and broad in a hazmat crew to investigate. people reported burning eyes, throats. none of the injuries were serious. president obama's whirl went fund-raising trip to the bay area is over. less than 24 hours after he got here, the president was back at s fflt o heading to los angeles. this morning he attended private fund-raisers in san francisco and loss al toss. the president has taken some criticism for focusing on fund-raising rather than issues, but the white house says the president is paying necessary
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taken to both issues. earlier today protesters greeted the president. attending a fund-raiser, they were about net neutrality. they don't want internet providers to charge a premium for faster internet service, severalally creating fast and slow lanes. protesters question the commitment to net neutrality after he appointed tom wheeler, a former cable lobbyist as chairman of the fcc. >> onpresident obama is keeping his promise when he said he was -- by appointing tom wheeler. he's kind of turning his back on the people. we want to send him a message. >> another small group is also in the neighborhood advocating for more act related to the crisis in the middle east. >> >> pg & e made its second visit this week to a castro valley neighborhood. a gas leak caused homes to be
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evacua evacuated. another leak happened this morning. residents nick smith is live in castro valley this afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. robin lungy said that gas was literally gushing from her home when pg & e crews were there to do repairs on a meter, one of the them broke a valve. she said she had to call 911, because the crews that were there did not. >> the sound alone was huge. huge. and the smell was just all over at the place. >> robin lungie said on monday pg & e crews accidentally broke the meter, causing a leak that forced an emergency evacuation of her home and others living nearby. >> next thing we know, whoosh, and he's yelling at my husband get out of the house. >> robin says shy and others immediately feared the worst. >> can you spell san bruno?
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we were terrified. >> alameda county firefighters were back on the scene today. we were there to speak with robin about what happened on monday, and quickly noticed as she had arier, the strong smell of gas coming from her meter. robin called 911. when fire crews arrived, they confirmed her fears. there was indeed a gas leak. >> the guy, he broke it, he said, i brought it. >> reporter: but it's the response she says she got from them after that has left her frustrated and angry. >> period of time g & e told me they couldn't give me a too long because it's an all-day emergency appointment. >> the situation is safe. the sit wade on monday was safe. >> reporter: pgeside they were right to evacuate the home. as for robin, they tell me her meter is older and in need of additional repair. >> we are going to have another gas crew come out and make a full replacement of that valve
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set. >> reporter: robin says she will be grateful to put the entire independents dent behind her. >> we understand that our customer is frustrated with our process, and we may have fallen short. >> pg & e stresses that crews at the scene followed protocol, to ensure that the scene is safe and to make sure that, quote, the appropriate gas crew is sent to the scene that day. in castro valley, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you so much. sandia patel is here. >> it's really pleasant. looking at blue skies, a nice breed coming through the bay area. this is back to our usual july weather. as we look at doppler 7 hd, i'll show you from that perspective. we have some low clouds hanging on, but it's blue skies, this is my view, just spectacular.
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temperatures right now 68 in san francisco, the 70s, oakland, san jose, 66 half moon bay. sfo dealing with low clouds. temperatures 78 in santa rosa, it's currently 85 in fairfield, and one other live pictures looking toward treasure island breezy this evening. tomorrow morning starts out pretty mild with limited low cloudyness look at the mid 90s. when you go from the mid 80s, trust me, you'll feel there heat. i'll beck back with the forecast in a few minutes. amma? larry? >> see you then. it was a day of mourning in the nedderlands and a touching tribute. cars stopped as a procession of hearses drove by. thousands honored the men, women
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and children killed last week. 40 coffins were carried on those hearses, escorted by military police. 193 of the 298 people killed were dutch. abc news reporter marcie gonzalez has the latest on the investigation. ♪ >> reporter: prayers and finally some respect for the victims of malaysian flight 17. after the remains of the nearly 300 people were left for days at the scene, today the first bodies were brought to the netherlands, grieving family members among those gathered at the airport as the caskets were carried off planes. the procession of hearses winding through the streets, thousands stopping to honor the lives lost. others gathering in this church on a national day of mourning in the netherlands. as the task now begins of
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identifying the remains, there is still no official answer as to who shot the plane down >> who put their finger on the trigger? we still need to find that out, but the russian separatists we believe fired this in general, could not be doing what they're doing without the russians. >> reporter: the black boxes arrives in england today to be analyzed. more crucial evidence remains at the scene. international investigators there now, despite the dangers, with two more ukrainian military planes reportedly shot down today just miles away. >> it's a challenge to the whole international community. it's a challenge to the norms of civil aviation. >> reporter: and there are reports the rebels have been tampering with evidence at the scene. they're accused of cutting open and moving debris, even planting parts of other planes in the wreckage to confusion investigators. marcie gonzalez, abc news, new york. and the investigation is now under way after a deadly plane crash in taiwan. 47 people died and 11 were
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injured after a trans asia airways turboprop crashed on taiwan's western coast s the plane was reportedly making a second attempt after a post-typhoon severe storms. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, the search for a suspected burglar, and what one local start-up is doing to find out who this woman is. and teaches parents a lesson. a new campaign about raising kids. plus -- ♪ >> a new at 4:30, the new video poking fun at kim jong-un, but not everybody is laughing. and 7 on your side, michael finney is taking yours questions on facebook and twitter. he will answer them live here
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alternates bit later. if your question is, how's traffic on the skyway? the answer is brutal. this is downtown san francisco, oncoming traffic trying to get on to the lower deck. that is gridlock. the same story for those trying to get to 101 south on the right-hand side. back with more on abc
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cover scanty rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area, this is abc 7 news. new details today about a string of burglaries at the offices of san francisco's startups. the owner of build, which was broken into twice this
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month is offering a $2500 reward if someone has information that helps police arrest this woman in the video. another start-up upstairs says their on the floor were broken into as well. they all share a similar entry keybad. billshoop's around says -- >> today police in new york city announced that seven people from the u.s., russia, england and canada have been arrested for stealing about $1.5 million from stubhub customers. the company says hackers were able to access -- but stubhub, owned by ebay, says the systems were not hacked. stub hub says hackers got customer info through other retail sites or mall ware customers. only it's a percentage that a high-powered drp itches a
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literacy program was announced by hillary clinton today. laura anthony has more. >> what noise does a duck make? >> reporter: >> reporter: hillary clinton spent several hours in oakland to launch the too small to fail initiative. >> the brain research is not only telling us, but compelling us to act on the understanding of how important the very earliest days, weeks and months of life are for later development. >> that's a pretty good job. >> reporter: oakland is one of the pilot cities for the national program. the ideas for parents to get directly involved in their children's early literacy, especially important for close the gap. >> i remember how frustrating it was sometimes when kids showed up at kinder garden, realizing
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how equally unprepared some children were. >> reporter: she makes a point of reading to her daughter. >> education is key to all things. the earlier we do it, the better it should be. >> reporter: as part of the program, families will receive a t-shirt and packet of materials sxlarng how reading, singing, just talking with their kits will improve their chances of success, in school and in life. >> they are all together at the playground. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a group of orphaned birds got a fresh start in a new home today. >> the international bird rescue send us after they released them along the in order rich monday shoreline. a project is under what i to restore the natural marsh habitat. >> rescue groups have been
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tending for herons this summer. >> these two animals can count on each other. joanie is a hero. >> joanie was carrying chasmi, chasmi had suffered an eye injury. the only time she would put him down is to help lick his wound. >> animal control officers recent crewed them off the street and say there is a rare bond. the dogs are now up for adoption and they were named after the "happy days" characters. it's time to get a check on our weather. since kris agis on off, sandia patel is here. >> it's a beautiful day out h e here. >> i note a lot of people will
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be pleased with that. the sun is shining, as we look toward the golden gate bridge there. take a look at the forecast. patchy low clouds, getting hot the next few days, but will remain warm at the coastline so don't have to worry about it getting too hot, especially since you leave near the beach or are not a fan of the hot weather. slightly -- and we will see a shift in our pattern. that shift will include some hot weather as a hot air mass shifts back towards the west. so we are going to see some mr.-like sizzle around here. tomorrow morning starting out with very limited fog, most of the bay area will start out clear, and then the patch i don't fog we have around will be pushing on out quickly, burning off, the sun's out and the temperatures will spike tomorrow. big warm-up expected, 10s at the beaches, 90s inland.
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take a look at our temperatures for tomorrow, getting hot around morgan hill. 94 at gilroy, 87 santa clara, cupertino, 88 in san jose, on the peninsula, 84 menlo park. half moon bayh, a very mild 71 degrees, 75 in downtown san francisco, daly city, you typically see fog around this time of year, but not tomorrow. enjoy the sun. getting hot near clear lake. 88 in san rafael, out towards the east bay, 81 in oakland. 82 hayward, reply warm day inland. and mid 90s there, 95 fairfield. 3 in december a look at theal uweather, sizzling on friday, with triple digits inland. heat will continue over the weekend, but temperatures back off just slightly. mid to upper 90s inland.
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you will notice a few more high clouds coming in, so the humidity will go up slightly as we get a bit of the subtropical connection, though we're not expecting a repeat of the high humidity. the ocean temperatures will still be higher than average, so remaining mild to warm even in the overnight hours. the temperatures will continue in the mid 90s, with 60s along the coastline. >> thank you so much. what nasa hopes to do with asteroids in the future. and new after 4:30, kayakers get quite the surprise after
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nasa will soon award contracts in an effort to launch a robotic spacecraft in the year 2019. the goal is to catch or redirect an asteroid to a stable orbit where astronauts will be sent to study it. that could be easy. it's called the astronaut redirection mission or a.r.m. nasa says the mission is needed for planetary defense, perhaps even to mine asteroids. it wants to use the missions as a testing ground for the technologies to one day take humans to mars. well, please in indianapolis are taking a different approach to try to prevent teenagers from falling into a life of crime. >> officers are using an interactive game called juvenile justice jeopardy. 990-minute games teaching kids about the law, interaction with his police and that it's important to stay out of trouble. >> it's important to show them how to make a difference in their life in a positive way,
4:26 pm
because the decisions that they make can make all the difference on whether or not they get a good job or whether or not they end up behind parse. >> government data show that is 40% -- indianapolis police hope the game will lower those numbers. still to come, the u.n., their new investigation into the israel/palestinian conflict and why the u.s. says its not fair at all. also -- ♪ the viral video of a dancing kim jong-un and the one person who is not amused. plus -- >> how cute. a bit later, checking up on baby elijah, the 8-month-old now thriving after a very rough start in life.
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secretary of state john kerry is in tel aviv today trying to work out a truce in the middle east. >> hamas is calling for the opening of gaza's border and the fighting continues. ed rapid-fire exchange is so bright, it can be seen from space, an astronaut tweeted out this picture from the international space station saying my saddest photo yet. >> we can actually see
4:30 pm
explosions and rockets flying over. >> karen travers has the latest on the middle east crisis. >> reporter: the faa's flight restrictions will stay in place for at least 24 more hours. no american carriers are allowed to fly into or out of that israeli city because of the the fears of hamas rocket attacks. several airlines suspended flights indefinitely, some european carriers as well, thousands of passengers stranded around the world. >> we couldn't sleep at night. >> reporter: the downing of flight 17 has raised concerns about global air safety, especially in wartorn regions like the middle east. aviation experts say there will be a new normal for american pilots. >> i think that the captains of those aircraft -- u.s. air krafl that will fly internationally will make sure their flight plans do not put them over
4:31 pm
contested areas. >> secretary of state john kerry continued his push for a cease-fire t. meeting with key leaders in the region. >> the people in the palestinian territories, the people in israel, are all living under the threat or reality of immediate violence. this needs to end. >> reporter: today red cross officials came under fire as they tried to evacuation karkts. they had permission from the israeli defense forces. >> we're a bit concerned we're getting closer to the front line and the security situation might prevent us. >> reporter: today an investigation was approved whether israeli -- the u.s. was the only nation to vote no, calling it one-sided and biased. karen travers, abc news, washington. michael bloomberg says the faa decision is an overreaction.
4:32 pm
after the flight on israel's national airline el al, he was greeted by prime minister benjamin netanyahu. bloomberg says he wants the world to know it's safe to fly in and out of israel. the kosta concordia is on the move finally. sirens rang and applause broke out as crews began towing the ship toward again genoa. the luxury liner sank after hitting the rock off the tuscan island of gilio. this is 30 months after the salvage process began. a convicted killer in arizona has just been executed in a procedure that took two hours. joseph rudolph wood iii was pronounced dead about 40 minutes ago, 1 hour, 57 minutes after a
4:33 pm
lethal dose of drugs. his lawyers filed an emergency appeal during the execution, demanding it be stopped. them hess was gasping and snorting for more than an hour. the drugs have been controversial in recent executions in other states. an air force veteran has taken it upon himself to help on the floor vet rants adjust to civilian life. we heard about his efforts during one of our abc 7 listens means. at that events eddie connects veterans with resources to find housing, jobs, and health care. >> they ramp us up to go to war, to serve our country, but they don't really ramp us down to get back intel grated into society. >> ramirez is not waiting until next year to keep helping. he's organizing a mental health summit for veterans and their families on august 29th at the san francisco federal building
4:34 pm
on 7th street. the head of the centers for disease control lab which potential exposed other employees to anthrax has resigned. michael farrell resigned yesterday after he was reassigned the last monday. he had been the head of the bioterrorist response lan since 2009. officials say employees didn't properly sterilize anthrax samples. those workers were exposed to the virus, but didn't get sick. an internal investigation for you serious safety lapses. on a lighter side, the video spoof is all the rage in china, but pyongyang is not all that happy about it. take a look. ♪
4:35 pm
you may have spotted president obama and russia's vladimir putin. they've asked china to stop the video, but a chinese newspaper says that beijing does not appear ready to do that. >> i'm sure he's not happy about that. still ahead on "abc 7 news at 4:00" the new health concerns, the cancer that doctors are seeing more of. a close encounter, the moment a pod of giant whales got underneath a pair of kayakers. i'm michael finney in today's "7 on your side" is still ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. contact mountain ' at 7, and i'll answer your questions later. a live look from our emeryville camera, just a bit of low cloudyness towards the coast. that's going to disappear and the heat will appear. i'll be back with the details
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coming up. i'm checking your traffic in walnut creek. 680 south on the right going a bit better than 680 north where you have a lot more cars
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in taiwan, crews rescued a small, soaking wet kitten from a dangerous road. the kitten is being called
4:39 pm
matmo, or matty after a nickname. after warmth and a bath, matmo looks better. the sang wear is hoping someone will adopt matty. holy god! >> welcome to the end of your life. it's a new ride for hard-core thrill seekers, a theme park in denmark just opened the sky tower or welcome to your death. it's a free fall of about 100 feet at about speed, and then they hit the net. the hole thing takes less than 30 seconds. it probably feels like a lifetime. the sky tower open to anybody 14 or older. in case you're wondering, a number of these towers are operating around the world. i would pay plenty of money not to be strapped in. >> goodness. >> a couple kayakers learned the
4:40 pm
hard way. check this out. [ speaking foreign language ] >> yeah, the couple, they were perched on top a southern right whale for about 20 seconds. this happened off the coast of argentina. there's a marine sanctuary there known for it's whale watching. >> just when they thought they were okay, a second whale hit the kayak, spinning the couple around into the water. they were oak. it is important to know what you're watching would be illegal in the u.s. federal law prohibits anyone from intentionally coming within 100 yards of a whale. >> you realize how puny and insignificant we are when there's a whale underneath you, lifting you up. that would be scary. let's get to our weather. sandhya is in for spencer. she says it's heating up. >> indeed we will see the temperatures really come up the
4:41 pm
next couple days. a time lapse from earlier this afternoon. we had a lot of low clouds as we look toward the west. as you recall, this morning started out with a cloud cover, some patchy drizzle, but as the day has gone on, the cloud layer has been shrinking, of course setting the stage for what's to come. traveling to new orleans, thunderstorm chance, 89, pretty hot in phoenix, 112 degrees. heat around the state as well, 114 in palm springs, 110 in vegas with high clouds moving in. 93 los angeles, 97 yosemite, 81 in tahoe and sunny. here in the bay area, sunshine from coast to inland, getting up into the mid 9 09s inland, low to mid 70s. it is going to be a warm to hot thursday, but if you think these temperatures are pretty high, just wait until you see what's coming. i'll be back with the complete
4:42 pm
forecast at 5:00 p.m. hopefully you'll join me then. >> thank you so much, sandhya. still ahead at 4:00, online divorce. the bay area company helps couples call it quits and save money during the process. plus -- >> he's taking off right now. >> whatever, dude. >> a shoplifter call on video and how a good samaritan is fighting crime. i'm michael finney. what are your rites when purchasing something from
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you stole all this stuff? >> police in oklahoma are reviewing this cell phone video of an alleged shoplifter at a walmart nears tulsa. a man named anthony smith posted it on facebook. he said he was waiting outside a store when he saw a man suspiciously looking around the exit and then made a run for it. that's when smith started rolling. >> he's taking off right now. he took his license plate. it's all right. it's all right.
4:46 pm
there's the vin number. >> what are you doing? >> that guy right here is taking it. look at him. just stole all this stuff. >> i paid for it. >> yeah, i got his vin number and everything. >> wow. the video has been shared thousands of times since smith posted it. he the risk of melanoma is higher in marin county than any other part of the state. researchers say the rate of diagnosis is 43% higher than in other bay area cows and 60% higher than the state as a whole. melanoma is the secondly most common decreasesed cancer behind prostate for men in the county. you can also divorce people online. the start-up called we-rorce is trying to make it less painful.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: divorce can be a difficult process, expensive, emotional and can result in years in court. there's a new website trying to make that grueling process just a little bit easier. >> they're able to follow step by step. >> a francis-based company using computer software to connect couples looking to uncouple with lawyers across the west coast. while they can save your marriage, they say they can save you time and money. >> the technology allows us if we continue to build that, to make it more and more affordable. we let the families go at their own pace. >> reporter: the stats are staggers. someone files for divorce every 13 seconds in the u.s. while the average divorce can range from $15,000 to $150,000, we-vorce says it can cut the cost to about $10,000. it also offering counseling and mediation >> because of the stresses of divorce, that we will always have people available. >> married for 15 years, mark
4:48 pm
and nola say they've seen enough of their friends go through nasty divorces. >> we both heard horror stories about screaming and yelling across attorney tables, and this seemed like a much more cordial way to end our marriage. >> so two years ago they decide to do use we-vorce to try to keep the peace, not just for them, but also for their 12-year-old son. >> in a way that was really healing to everybody in the family so that we can move on to our next chapter. >> some say it's not for everyone. >> if we have a couple who fight like cats and dogs, then i would strongly caution against going the we-vorce route. >> but for mark, nora and hundreds of past users -- >> i think it would have been
4:49 pm
drastically different had we gone the traditional route. >> reporter: they say they have no remorse for their we-vorce. >> that was paula farris reporting. >> ironically the founders were husband and wife at one time. 7 on your side, michael finney answering questions. the first question from debby k., what rights does the buyer have when performing something from craigslist. >> well, looks, craigslist is not responsible if you have an issue. they're not selling you the item. they're like a newspaper with an ad, is basically how they're looked at by the government. so you can go up to the person that sold you an item, but basically craigslist is out of it unless they knew they were putting in a rip-off ad. >> question number two -- i have $16 left on a gird card that was originally $100. can i have the store give me the remainder in cash?
4:50 pm
>> oh, a great question. the answer is -- almost. how it works in california, first of all, a gift card is good forever, they're not allowed to expire. that includes a card or certificate. then once they get under $10, so $9.99, you can ask for and request that the rest of the money be given to you in cash. the store must do that for you, but only under $10. >> so buy a little something else. >> buy $6.01, and then they can get the rest of the money in cash. joe s. e-mails -- i had an appointment to have a while chair picked up for repair. i waited all day. no one showed up. how do i get reimbursed for my time? >> isn't that frustrating? the state of california assumes that a company will give you a four-hour window. even if they don't, they assume they do. that's number one. number two, and then they have to make it. number two, if the company has 25 employees or more, now they do have to make it there within
4:51 pm
that four hours, or you can sue them. now, you can only sue them for actual losses the so you can't make up how much money you think your time is worth, about you if you took a half day off work and you make $15 an hour, you say, look, you have to -- they have to pay that, but they have to have 25 employees. >> you're not going to get very far. >> but they're generally set up to deal with that. >> if you complain to them and they don't do anything, complain to me, and we will -- and they do. come right in, we'll take you right now. thank you, michael. up next, he is all smiles now. the rough road this 8-month-old has endured after nearly dying from a lung condition. coming up new at 5:00, new outrage against a controversial clothing company. why critics say urban outfitters
4:52 pm
is glam rising drug yew. you can't play unless you delete that tweet. >> big trouble over a tweet. a man claims an airline went to extremes after he complained on social media. when dan and i join us (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool! big day at school? i know just the thing to help you get going.
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. a team of rowers is enjoying sweet victory after an epic journey from montrae all the way to hawaii. they are arriving here in is honolulu. it took them 43 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes to row 2400 nautical miles, team uniting nations battled nasty weather and broken equipment. they say their biggest challenge was dealing with four different personalities in a very small boat. >> i see a reality show. >> definitely. a team of doctors at stanford performed a rare procedure on a baby.
4:56 pm
while the baby was still in his mother's womb, and it saves his life. >> 8 moral elijah went back to the hospital for a checkup. we have the story of this miracle baby. >> reporter: 8-month-old elijah refuse toss lie down instead this very heady baby boy wants to look around and play. a very different story months ago. >> in the normal lung on the left-hand side is pushed up and compressed, because that doesn't belong there. >> reporter: that round circle is a cyst about the sides 6 a tangerine. it wasn't allows his left lung to grow and it was pushing his heart to the other side. >> i was shocked. i was sad, of course. >> reporter: now doctors had to drain that cyst while the baby was still in utero, a procedure that had never been done before at lucille packard children's hospital.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: but the doctor had been trained at another children's hospital. >> much like an am any i don't crennel tees when you place the needing into the am any on theic zach, but in this case we placed it into the cyst. >> reporter: immediately surgeons were surgical ready to move the cyst. >> perfect le norm at. on the left side he has approximately a third, but that lung bud is still growing, still learning to function normally. >> hits parents showed us the size of his scar left from the operation. >> what god did for us and what they did for us here, making me a little emotional, but so much to be thankful for. >> doctors will continue to check that left lung to see how it's developing. >> you can expect he's going to play soccer or whatever activity he chooses. >> i used to play soccer, so hopefully he can play. i think he will. >> reporter: now he seems to have an affinity for the
4:58 pm
microphone. perhaps a singer with a powerful set of lungs. at stanford, lee anime len dez, abc 7 news. thank you for joining us at 4. >> absence 7:00 news at 5:00 begins with cheryl and dan. >> thank you. a man involved a youth activist, what he claims happened. also, a tweet ends up grounding a man's travel plans. but he says the airline went too far. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we'll be losing the humidity and gains some heat. how hot it will get around here, coming up. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm dan ashley. president obama spent much of the day with supporters and fund-raisers here in the bay area. he stayed at the continental
4:59 pm
last night. howard street was shut down all night and creating a mess for the commuters. traffic was also snarled on market street when he went to the four seasons for a non-fund-raising event with invited guests. from there they boarded marine one at chrissy field. our abc news camera captured him walking to the helicopters as he encountered some protesters along the way. david louie has >> reporter: with the president making a special appearance down in a cull see sack, citizens lined the road trying to bend his ears sirchlts protesters took up opposite corners where they thought the motorcade would pass. on one side they hoped him to take a more visible role to bring peace to the fighting in gaza. >> i really want obama to step up and really take sides or at
5:00 pm
least be neutral, and help resolve this conflict. >> reporter: across the way another group is complaining that the president isn't pushing for a free and open enter net for everyone. some companies that stream entertainment over the enter net are seeking priority bandwidth over individuals. >> i don't think the direction that the fcc is taking is really what obama's message was when he was running for reelection >> however, the motorcade took a back way and bypassed the protesters. >> the fund-raiser for the denialic congressional campaign committee drew 90 people to the home of real estate and restaurant owner george marcus and his wife judy. they paid $10,000 to for the president, but one young man got something better. >> i got a fist bump from the president. >> what was that like? >> it was really cool. >> reporter: was he reacting to something you


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